On-Site Furniture and Home Repair

Thank You for visiting our rather interesting collection of restoration photos. Here you will be able to view several different types of furniture and home structure damages in which many photos are accompanied by after photos to give you some visual idea of the results of our restoration services. These are just a fraction of the projects which we have completed for our customers in our 25 years of servicing the south east Michigan area. We would also like to invite you to visit our arena of photos pertaining to many more actual furniture and home structure damages which we have encountered in our many years of our rewarding business and profession. The additional photos can be found by visiting Photos.NeherFurnitureRepair.com.  After taking the time to browse our gallery of photos, please consider how we may assist with your restoration needs. Please feel welcome to contact Keith Neher with any questions or concerns which you may have as it would be our pleasure to serve you in your time of need.

Thank You Sincerely,

Keith Neher
Neher Furniture Repair, Inc.
Phone 734.564.6645

Please go to Photos.NeherFurnitureRepair.com for many more damage and repair photos which have  been acqiured over the many years of our business. More photos will be added monthly.           
Thank You for your time!

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